Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins – Imagine Cruises

Swim with Dolphins – A.M.V.E (Aquatic Marine Viewing Experience)

Most weekends all year round (check your preferred date by following directions at the bottom of the page)

Duration: 3.5 hrs

We are proud to announce that after six years of development and three years since the first application was lodged, Dolphin Swim Australia P/L, DolphCom Solutions and Imagine Cruises Port Stephens can now offer an amazing interactive experience Swimming with dolphins in NSW!

The Aquatic Marine Viewing Experience (AMVE) brings swimming with dolphins to Port Stephens. Pacific common dolphins are the species we encounter most and despite their prevalence in oceanic waters, we know very little about them.  These dolphins are very friendly and love to come and visit us when we are off shore.

The AMVE is a breakthrough in dolphin / human interaction. Using specific approach techniques and relying on the dolphins amazing intelligence and inherent interest in humans, we now are able to share with YOU an open water, in-water dolphin experience. You are connected safely to the boat at all times and in the water right next to the dolphins as they glide from bow to bow- in front of, below, and next to you! The best thing is that this all takes place right here in the Blue Water Wonderland of the Port Stephens & Great Lakes marine park NSW Australia!

We are funding the most comprehensive migratory and distribution study of the Short beaked Pacific Common Dolphins ever held in this part of the world. We intend to learn a lot more about this little known and vast ranging pelagic species, hoping to assist Marine Parks to protect and preserve the dolphins through our contribution to science via commerce.

We also intend to prove that the swim with dolphins program we have designed has no negative impact on this species. Every person who attends one of our programs will not only enjoy the experience of a lifetime they will contribute to the preservation, through science of this wonderful creature.

Little is known about the Common Dolphin population off Port Stephens, so join as we commence the most comprehensive migratory and distribution study of the “common” dolphin ever held and begin to understand the wonderful Dephinus delphi (the common dolphin). Learn and understand more about the Dolphins and their environment.

$329 per swimmer (minimum age 12years) waiver and booking form required. Includes equipment hire and GST
Observer $70 Includes GST
Maximum 20 swimmers 22 observers per program
Program commences 5.30am -10am each day
Includes: Wetsuit (compulsory, supplied and fitted by Pro-dive), mask and fins (supplied & fitted onboard Imagine)
Arrive Nelson Bay and get fitted for equipment 5:30am
Embark Imagine Dock C d’Albora Marina for groups and briefing 5:45am
Depart for the blue water wonderland and a whole lot of fun and adventure 6:00am

To make a booking, contact us on (02) 49 843 843