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Dolphin Watch Cruises – Nelson Bay

Port Stephens is NSW premium destination for dolphin watching enthusiast, with the beautiful Port Stephens harbour boosting an impressive 99% success rate for spotting dolphins.

Port Stephens is the home of some of the states most beautiful sea cultures. There are two different species of dolphin living in and around  Port Stephens, Within the Port Stephens harbour the beautiful bottle nosed dolphin grace the Port Stephens prestige waters and the waters outside of the Port Stephens harbour the larger species of common dolphin brave the outer seas of  Port Stephens.


Bottlenose Dolphin – Port Stephens & Nelson Bay

If you visit Nelson Bay/Port Stephens (just north of Newcastle) you will be treated to a privileged view inside the world of the bottlenose dolphin. Around 90-120 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins live permanently in the waters of Port Stephens, making it one of the most popular places in the world for dolphin watching. The rocky coastal headlands and long white beaches of Port Stephens provide an ideal vantage point for dolphin watching from the shore or hope on board one of the many Dolphin Watch Cruises available.



Dolphin Watching Port Stephens

For years the locals of Port Stephens and visiting tourist have been fascinated by both species of dolphin and through cruise booking agency there are various boat cruises that can be undertaken so everyone can take the opportunity to see the dolphins of Port Stephens.

In Port Stephens, the bottlenose dolphin population is divided into two mixed-gender communities. Dolphins often form long-term social relationships with other dolphins living in the same community. These communities have different home ranges, where one community lives predominantly in the eastern section or basin of the port (from the heads to Soldiers Point) and the other lives in the western basin of the port (from Soldiers Point, west to Karuah and Big Swan Bay). The ranges of these communities sometimes overlap, providing for social interaction between the two communities and genetic mixing. The largest community of bottlenose dolphins lives in the eastern section of the Port. This community is mainly comprised of adults, subadults and calves and occupies a small core area focusing on the marine (ocean) environment. Habitats in this area consist of sandy substrates and large seagrass beds with strong tidal influence of coastal waters. A smaller community of generally closely-related bottlenose dolphins inhabits the western section of the Port. These western dolphins focus on riverine (river-like) environments with muddy benthic (bottom) habitats, influenced by often turbid water and freshwater outflow from local rivers. The above paragraph was taken from the Port Stephens Visitor Guide. For further information on Port Stephens – Dolphin Watching – Visitor Guide

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